Just who are the people who run this site? Where can I find out more about the people who write my favorite programs? If you're curious, you've come to the right place. Steering Committee (SteerCo)

The 2011/2012 SteerCo is:

Chris Dee, Michael Heidemann, Orion Pobursky, Max Martin Richter, and Willy Tschager Standards Committee (LSC)

The 2011/2012 LSC is:

Travis Cobbs, Allen Smith, Roland Melkert, Chris Dee, Orion Pobursky Webmasters

The Webmasters are:

Tim Gould, Orion Pobursky, Willy Tschager Parts Tracker Admin

The Parts Tracker Admin is:

Chris Dee

JJMA Winners

Winners of the James Jessiman Memorial Award:

Steve Bliss, Jacob Sparre Andersen, Lars C. Hassing, Michael Lachmann, Orion Pobursky, Kevin Clague, Philippe Hurbain, Tim Courtney, Travis Cobbs, Steffen Lohse


These members are either part of a community or have been asked to make a page for another reason.

Nils Schmidt,