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About Us: Quality Workmanship

Our Dedication to Quality Workmanship and to LEGO Brand Building Bricks

Ever since the beginning, James Jessiman and the original LDraw users used quality workmanship to write software and create parts. When James' users began authoring parts, James insisted on approving of each one before allowing it to go into an update. This trait of James has set the precedence of the workmanship of all of us at

After James died, parts submissions went through a community voting system, to ensure the same quality of work. Today, new parts are reviewed by a community of parts authors and Steve Bliss, the Parts Library Manager.

This is just one illustration of how the staff of and the contributors are working hard to give users the best possible software, tools, and libraries. There are many other examples of this which could be given.

Here at the site, we are dedicated to giving you the best tools possible for an important job - playing. The better we do our work, the more fun it is for the user.

We are also keeping in the spirit of James' original program and staying dedicated to only LEGO® brand building bricks. This means the only pieces you will see in the official Parts Library will be representations of ones made by LEGO.

Why are we doing this? Because LEGO is what we grew up on and fell in love with as children. LDraw was created by James as a means to inventory his LEGO sets when he realized it could be used for so much more. And because the 'L' in LDraw can't possibly be an abbreviation for MegaBloks.

Individuals have created various parts for non-LEGO brand building bricks, and this is OK with us. They are free to do as they wish, and free to post the libraries of pieces on their own respective websites. However, the pieces will not be posted on this website and will not be a part of an official parts release.

As always we hope you find much enjoyment with these wonderful free tools we provide. They are made available to you through many hours of sweat, tears, hard work, and love. And we also hope you find even more enjoyment with your physical LEGO collection.

The Staff

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