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About Us: Contribute


We're looking for people to contribute to the ongoing website project! We are looking for content editors, HTML junkies, programmers, etc who can help out on different sections of the site.

You don't have to quit your day job to help us out either - most of the individual tasks we need done can be completed in an evening or two's worth of time. Its a great way to give back to the community for something you got for free as well!

One-Time Tasks

- How to use the LGEO Library for better POV renderings
- Creating Scenes in POV-Ray
- Introduction to Parts Authoring
- Optimizing a model for creating building instructions (rotation steps, submodels, etc)
Approx. 2-5hrs/tutorial time needed to complete task. Posted 01.02.02

LDraw History
Finish filling out the LDraw History pages. Approx. 1-2hrs time needed to complete task. Posted 01.02.02

Official Model Repository Database
Create a database for an Apache web server which will store and index files for the Official Model Repository project. Funcitonal Spec Review is already complete, email Tim Courtney for a copy to look over. Posted 01.02.02

Recurring Tasks
These tasks are ongoing and would require a dedication over an extended period of time.

LDraw Week in Review
Compile a several paragraph article weekly highlighting LUGNET CAD discussion, LDraw-related software releases, and other important news. Approx. 1hr/week time needed to complete task. Posted 01.02.02

Software Reviews
Review different LDraw-related software titles. It is preferable for a new review to be posted bi-weekly. Not necessarily the same person each time. Approx. 2-5hrs/review to complete the task. Posted 01.02.02

Links Page Maintenance
Maintain Links Page, handle link requests, update moved links. Approx. 30mins/week time needed to complete task. Posted 01.02.02

Email Tim Courtney to volunteer for a task.

If you are contributing a work which will eventuallhy become a static web page (like a tutorial), here are your formatting guidelines. Create your work in plain text (.txt), spacing your paragraphs one line apart from each other. Include references to images in [brackets] with the name of the image. Zip up the images you have generated for the page and include them in the email with your submission.

If you are working on a Recurring Task, email Tim Courtney with more advanced formatting instructions, and access to the server if required.

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