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Defining who we are as the team is a difficult task. We are not a formal organization, rather a small dedicated group of people, connected through the internet, who share LEGO hobby and the passion of promoting LDraw. Each of us contributes in different ways.

The LDraw community is bigger than the website team. It is made up of the thousands of users, the hundreds of active participants who discuss LDraw online and post models on their websites, and the dozens of people who dedicate their time to write new parts and software.

The bulk of the work here on the site is done by four people. But dozens of people have contributed in many ways to make the site what it is now. This is truly a community effort.

We have set up this small page to give you a glimpse of who we are. This page does not do the LDraw community justice because the community is as vast as the globe and as diverse as the peoples of the world. But we all have come together with a common interest - LEGO bricks and the LDraw CAD system.

To see the LDraw community in action, visit a large LEGO event. BrickFest in Washington DC, BricksWest in Carlsbad California, or LEGOWORLD in Zwolle, Netherlands. The people of the LDraw community come together to share LEGO and LDraw. The website team attends those events when possible too.

There are a few items of importance here on the About Us page. First, the Contact Page can be used to get ahold of us at the website. Also, you can find out how you can contribute on the Contribute Page. Read about our dedication to quality workmanship and to LEGO brand building bricks, and read about how to properly refer to the vast array of LDraw tools in your discussion, on your websites, and in the media.

I hope you enjoy this website we have put together, and I hope you get many hours of fun out of the LDraw tools and all they offer.

Tim Courtney Website/Project Coordinator

  Contact Us | Contribute | Press Kit | Quality Workmanship | The LDraw Name | Credits

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