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Library: Official Parts Library

Official Parts Library

This area of the website provides direct access to all Original LDraw Part files and the Parts Library. This service is intended to be used primarily by client-side software, to keep installed part libraries updated, or to render images which include parts that are not installed locally.

Retrieving Files
Links are not provided for library files. Instead, you can retrieve any file from the library by using the URL form:<filepath>

Where <filepath> specifies the directory and name of the file within the LDraw library. For example, to retrieve the current version of the 2x4 brick, use this URL:

Retrieval of multiple files
We are working on a CGI program that will allow you to easily retrieve multiple files in one request.

Getting just the latest files
We are also working on providing the information you need to grab just the files that are not on your local system.

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