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Current parts update is 2004-01, released on March 2, 2004.

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We are a small group of people dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the LDraw tools. is what it is today because of the countless hours of a few, and the support of the tens of thousands of visitors we receive.
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LDraw Brand Awareness
The Staff posts an open letter entitled "Preserving the integrity of the LDraw name: how to properly refer to 3D LEGO-style CAD tools which use the LDraw file system."
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Contribute! is looking for people to contribute to the ongoing website project! We are looking for content editors, HTML junkies, programmers, etc who can help out on different sections of the site. To see what we're looking for, go to our Contribute Page.

Announcing the First LSC
The votes are in from the election for the first Standards Committee (LSC).

LDraw community members to present at BrickFest 2003
Come join us at BrickFest 2003! BrickFest is an annual gathering of adult LEGO fans from around the world in Arlington, VA (just outside Washington, DC). So far there are several LDraw activities planned. Come out and meet key people in the LDraw community and enjoy learning and discussing LDraw-related topics in person at the fest!
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Scheduled Downtime and Technical Update
Notice of scheduled downtime for July 8 as well as an update on current and future website issues.
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Build a Rover using LDraw Tools!

Build a Better (LEGO) Rover, and you could win some of the new LEGO Discovery space sets! The Planetary Society is using LDraw tools in their new Build a Better Rover contest.

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If a new prefix were to be introduced in line-type 0 to explicitly identify comments and separate them from meta-commands, what would you like to see it be? (Note: comments in line type 0 would read "0 <prefix> <comment text>. You are voting on what the <prefix> will be)




I have no clue what you're talking about.

I know what you're talking about, but I don't care.

I know what you're talking about, but I would prefer a different option.

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Model of the Month

February 2003
1949 John Deere Model A
By: Cale Leiphart

Scene of the Month

February 2003
Daytrip - a view from the observation car of the 16:25
By: Robert Leahey

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